Monday, October 29, 2012

Amazon's Latest Ad Tackles The iPad mini, $199 Vs $329

Last week Apple announced the iPad mini and from a specs standpoint the Kindle fire HD and the Nexus 7 blows it away. The only thing the iPad mini beats the 2 7" heavyweights are the 275,00 iPad made apps, this is also a selling point for the iPad mini. Now Amazon has posted a giant ad on the homepage of the Kindle fire HD which is like the one shown above. The ad combines Gizmodo's reaction to to Apple not making a 7" tablet during TIm Cook's earnings call statement. Amazon also compared the price between the Kindle fire HD and the iPad mini as well as the PPI of the screen. They also tout that the Kindle fire HD can watch HD movies and TV and has dual stereo speakers as well as ultra-fast MIMO wi-fi.

Source: TheVerge 
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