Thursday, October 25, 2012

Q3 Tablet Market Share Revealed, Android Tablets Nearing On The iPad

Strategy Analytics concluded that Android tablets are starting to get more market share than ever. Basically Android tablets are eating away the iPad's marketshare day by day. In Q3 Apple shipped over 14 million iPad's and is an increase from last year. Ironically, their market share dropped from 54.5% to only 56.7% this year. In the android side they managed to ship double the amount of tablets compared to this time last year. Their market share also doubled and is now at 41.3%. Microsoft shipped the same amount of tablets this year and last year and their market share decreased significantly. There are really some explanations for this number, first is that 7" tablets are getting popular in the android ecosystem and with that Apple did not release a 7" tablet to compete with the android manufacturers at that time. Secondly the reason why Microsoft's tablet market share went down is because people are waiting for Windows 8 which is more suitable for a tablet OS and who even uses windows 7 for touch it wasn't even made for touch. Q4 market share will be a turnaround for all of the OS. 

Source: Phonearena 
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