Monday, October 29, 2012

Recap Of The Windows Phone 8 Launch

The Windows Phone 8 event just wraped up and they unveiled quite a lot of new features. The event was started with Joe Belfiore talking about the windows phone experience and the he showed of the windows phone devices which will be available this fall. The he moves to the total amount of apps in the windows phone store which has just exceeded 120,000 and Windows Phone has 46 of the top 50 popular apps in other platforms.

Then he touts about the whole new interface which windows phone brought to the market. Soon after a video explaining the personalization of windows phone ends Joe starts talking about the new features. First up in the list is live apps as well as live wallpapers, the lockscreen can now have live wallpapers by third party apps to provide information. Joe also touches on the new Facebook and Twitter for Windows Phone which also works with the new live wallpaper and will provide information to your lockscreen. 

Then he touches on the new apps which developers are working on to utilise the new functions in windows phone 8. Skype is now integrated and will not use battery in the background but will still be running. Popular apps like temple run, jetpack joyride, etc will be coming to windows phone 8 very soon. The biggest news is that Pandora is finally coming to windows phone 8 in early 2013 and will provide users with 1 year of free music with no ads.
Next up is data sense which is a new way to get the most out of your data plan. Data sense compresses your data usage so you can use 45% more on your data plan on windows phone compared to other platforms. One cool feature is that data sense even helps you to find wifi hotspots nearby to help in saving your data. And if you are nearing your data cap, data sense will intelligently tailor the way your apps behave.
The next feature is called kids corner and to demo the app Joe's children are on the stage to do so. After the short demo they call another person which felt kids corner is very useful and the person is Jessica Alba. Then Jessica explains here experience using the Lumia 920 and particularly the kids corner feature. She say it is a very good feature and will help parents a lot. 

Then Joe says that before she switched to the Lumia 900 she was using an iPhone, she is always on the go so she wants her entire iTunes library in to her new phone so Joe explains how he did it and the process only took about 1 minute to import the whole album. Next up is the rooms feature which is like a group where you can share pictures, chat, see what the members are up to and many more. The rooms feature will work with other platforms but the features are lesser. With that said he now talks about the Skydrive integration with Windows devices. 

Finally Joe passes the stage to Steve Ballmer to introduce the top 3 Windows Phone 8 devices. He starts touting about the personal experience found in windows phone and pairing it up with other windows based products is fairly simple. Then he starts introducing each of the devices and some of their special features. Then he announces carrier availibility for the US. Finally he wraps up by saying that WP8 devices will go on sale this weekend in european countries and the global launch or Windows Phone 8 is nearing. Stay tuned for more coverage.
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