Saturday, October 20, 2012

[REVIEW] SWYPE Keyboard Overview, If You Want A Feature Packed Android Keyboard This Is The One


One of the best things about android is the flexibility to changing anything opposed to just stuck to the same thing on iOS. The most common thing when using a smartphone is the keyboard which is needed in quite some processes like typing a message, typing and email, surfing the we and many more. So the biggest question is what is the best keyboard out there. Some people will say the stock keyboard found on the Galaxy S III is the best or Swiftkey is the best. The thing that i have to say with that is yes i believe that the stock keyboard on the Galaxy S III is just awesome and Swiftkey is by far one of the most popular keyboards out there with the flexibility of changing multiple themes. But for me personally Swype is really the best keyboard out there because of the features it has. 

My Point Of View On This Keyboard 

First of i would like to say that before i used swype on my android phone i was using the stock samsung keyboard on my phone. But those days were numbered because after a few days i switched to the SWYPE keyboard which was built into my phone. And just recently SWYPE released an update to the SWYPE beta keyboard and i had no idea how to update the SWYPE keyboard built in my phone so i decided to try the SWYPE Beta keyboard. The biggest change i felt after installing the SWYPE beta keyboard is that the keyboard layout is now more smaller compared to the built in one (picture below, based on original sizes no resizing done)
Other than that is felt nothing much of a difference, but when i was going through the settings on the beta keyboard there were more settings like keyboard themes, social network connect, and many more. After that i started using the keyboard and did some extensive testing and i found out that the beta keyboard is just as good as the built in one even though the layout is different. The responsiveness and the autocorrecting in this keyboard is pretty decent and i still can type sentences pretty fast. After some time using i noticed there was a fire logo on the bottom right corner, so i clicked it and it launched the voice dictation service so i spoke a full sentence and i was amazed that the voice dictation was so good and also very fast (internet connection required to use this feature). Overall this keyboard is like a pimped up version of the built in SWYPE keyboard the basic shortcuts are also present in this keyboard. Click here to find out more about the SWYPE Beta keyboard 


After a few days of using the SWYPE beta keyboard i decided to do this review so the number 1 feature which i like about the SWYPE keyboard is the voice dictation feature which is just phenomenal, it is also very accurate and is also quite fast compared to other competing solutions. Other than that i also like the handwriting feature on this keyboard i sometimes use the S Pen to write so this feature is quite useful after all, even though you don't have a stylus the handwriting feature also works quite good. The handwriting feature is also supported by some languages like chinese. One last thing which this keyboard has that stands out from the rest is the simple shortcuts which you normally use on you windows based PC like copy, paste, select all and cut. These shortcuts combined makes the SWYPE beta keyboard experience even better. With that said i would like to give the SWYPE Beta keyboard an Editior's Choice award and a Must Have award. So make sure to try it and you might just fall in love with it. Check out our overview video below.

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