Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cortex A50 Part Of The ARMv8 And Now Supports 64 bit Processing

The mobile smartphone world is now hot and is growing at a steady rate and the growth rate is overtaking the PC growth rate. One of the key items in a modern smartphone is the processor which powers the phone. There are many companies making mobile processors like Samsung, Qualcomm, Texas Intruments, and many more. One of the similarities that there manufacturers all use in common is the architecture it is on. Most off the companies are using the ARM architecture but some companies like Apple choose to develop theirs based on their own architecture design aspect. Currently most smartphones this date are rocking the ARMv7 architecture which include the cortex A9, A15, A5 and many more. Now it seems like the ARMv8 is ready to meet with smartphones and AMD is going to be the first to use this new architecture. The Cortex A50 is based on the 64 bit architecture and there are two versions of architecture ready which is the A53 and the A57. Chips based on this new architecture are expected to be manufactured in the 28nm or 20nm manufacturing process. Chips based on this new architecture are expected to be out in 2014. 
Source: Phonearena 
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