Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple Introduces The All New iMacs, Looks More Like A Monitor Than An All In One

Just right before Apple announced the iPad Mini they revealed the all new iMac which has undergo some major changes physically. It is now 80% thinner and the edge is about 5mm thick and in order for them to achieve that they used a process called friction stir welding. The entire display is now laminated to the front glass which makes the screen look more vivid. The screen is also 75% less reflective than the previous generation and each display is individually calibrated. The ports are similar to the one on the current iMacs but the USB 2 ports are swapped with USB 3 ports. For storage, Apple now incluedes an option for something called fusion drive where is fuses a hard drive with an SSD this is similar to the SRT solution provided by intel. The 21.5" model will start at $1299 and will ship in November whereas the 27" will be priced at $1799 and will ship later in December.  

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