Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple October 29 iPad Mini Event, All You Need To Know

Apple is holding a special event today where they are going to unveil the iPad Mini and some other devices. The event will start on 10AM pacific time and 1AM eastern time. The event will be held at the california theatre and this is the place where Apple introduced the revolutionary iPod a few years back. The theme if this event is education and Apple will focus of the use of the iPad in the education system. For the first time ever Apple will be livestreaming this event only through the iPad Mini. 
The things which are confirmed to debut in this event is the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini will feature a 7.85" screen with rear facing camera and comes in two colors white and black. The base model will either be $250 or $299 depending on what apple think is the best. The iPad Mini will not beat the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD in terms of pricing but it is sure going to beat the two hottest 7" tablets in terms of media consumption with the whole iTunes library. Pre orders for the iPad Mini will start on October 26 which is this friday and will ship next friday which is the 2nd of November. The next big thing which apple is expected to officially launch iTunes 11 which they touched on at WWDC earlier this year. They are also expected to update iBooks which will be much better than the current version, Apple also opened the iBooks store to 18 more countries. They are also set to announce the 13" MacBook Pro with retina display which has been rumored to launch by the end of 2012. The iMac and Mac Mini is expected to be refreshed and will be available for purchase right after the launch. Finally, as all apple events they always have one more thing and it is expected to be the refreshed iPad 3 with the lightning dock connector or maybe even an iPad 4. 
The picture above shows the leaked products which Apple is set to release today. These include lightning adapters which users have been waiting for ever so long. Finally as all apple events the Apple store is now down and will be back open shortly after the event. We will be live tweeting as the event is on via our twitter page @ttot9 
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