Monday, October 29, 2012

Galaxy Note II Tips And Tricks Episode 3 [How To Get Polaris Office]

The Galaxy Note II is by far one of the most productive android smartphone out there from the multi view feature to the support for editing PDF files. Polaris Office is the most popular office suite app out there in the android world, Office 2013 will be launching on iOS and android next year so Polaris Office is the closest we could ever reach. The Galaxy Note II does not come with Polaris Office so if you want to get you hands on it and be more productive head over to the Samsung app store to download it. Another worthy app to download on the Samsung app store is called photo reader. This app is still in its early stages so there are some hiccups on the way. This app basically takes a photo with text and changes it into text. Subscribe to my editor's YouTube channel to get your daily dose of the Galaxy Note II 
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