Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nokia Posts Q3 Results, 2.9 Million Lumia Phones Sold

Today is the day where Nokia announces their Q3 results and as expected they have taken a very big hit. Lumia devices sold in Q3 has dropped to 2.9 million from the 4 million in Q2. Their total smartphone sales dropped to 6.3 million which means they sold 3.4 million symbian phones in this quarter that number is expected to drop even more next month with the Lumia 920 and the 820 launching next month and the fact that Nokia is slowly drifting away from Symbian. Their average sales price has gone up to 155 euros and that is caused by the sales of lumia devices. But the average price of a Lumia phone has dropped drastically and is now at 160 euros. North America sales of nokia phones has also dropped 50% and the Lumia sales in Q3 stand at 300,000 units. Stephen Elop had this to say "Q3 was a difficult quarter in our Devices & Services business," However there is some good news as Nokia's feature phone lineup continue selling well with sales up to 76.6 million which is 4% more than Q2 but 15% lesser than this time last year. The full touch asha phones sold pretty well by selling over 6.5 million. Overall their net sales are at $9.48 billion or 7.24 billion euros. The verdict is that they took a loss of $754 million or 576 million euros. Their net cash stands at 4.7 Billion or 3.56 billion in Q3. All of these results are within the margin of analysts predictions. But these numbers are set to change next month as they are introducing the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 which has caused some buzz. 
Source: Phonearena 
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