Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple iPad Mini Event Recap, 2012 Has Truly Been An Amazing Year

Apple just wraped up their special event in California which lasted about 1 hour 15 minutes. In the event they announced a bevy of devices like the iPad Mini and even the never expected iPad 4. First up Tim Cook does the usual routine by talking about the current stats of Apple devices. The iPhone 5 is the fastest selling phone in history and sold well over 5 million units in the first weekend and for that they even created an ad for it. After that they touch about the comments some tech sites on the new iPod lineup. Next up Tim talks about iOS 6 and in just one short month there are over 200 million devices running iOS 6. He added that it is the fastest upgrade rate of any software in history. The seamlessness between iOS and Mountain lion was touted by him. iMessage launched last year with iOS 5 and now there are 28,000 messages sent per secon and that is just phenomenal. The App store now has over 700K apps in which 275K are iPad apps. Just recently the App store just passed the 35 billion app download mark. And then as rumored Tim Cook announces the refreshed and updated iBooks app which is available for download now. The iBooks store has over 1.5 million books and 400 million books has been downloaded since it was introduced last year. Next up Tim talks about the Mac which has been outgrowing the PC market for 6 years straight and the Mac is the #1 notebook and desktop in the US. 
After that he passes the stage to Phil Schiller and he starts off by telling us about the comments for the 15" MBP with retina display. Soon after that he announces the 13" MBP with retina display which is the most thinnest macbook pro ever. All of the ports are similar to the one found on the 15" model and there is also no optical drive. It will ship today for a price tag of $1699 for the base model. After that he continues with the announcement of the Mac Mini which is basically an upgraded mac mini and will ship today for $599 on the base model. The Mac Mini is the most energy efficient desktop. After that it was time for the iMac which has undergo some big changes and is now super thin and you would think that it is a standalone monitor. Overall the new iMac is 80% thinner than the previous model. and to achieve that amount of precision in the edges they use something called friction stir welding. One of the new things the iMac introduces is something called the fusion drive which basically fuses a HDD and an SSD, this is similar to the SRT solution provided by intel. The 21.5" model will start at $1299 and will ship in November whereas the 27" will be priced at $1799 and will ship later in December. 
After that Phil Schiller passes the stage back to Tim and he starts talking about the iPad and the statistics of it. Apple has sold over 100 million iPads in the past 2.5 years since the launch of the original iPad. Tim also noted that last quarter the iPad overtook any PC manufacturer in terms of their whole lineup of products versus the iPad. Then he talks about what is the importance of the iPad in the education and he names out some pretty interesting facts. Soon after that he passes the stage back to Phil Schiller where he announces the 4th gen iPad which is just a pimped up version of the iPad 3. One of the key part of the iPad 4 is the all new A6X chip which has double the performance of the A5X. All in all the revolutionary 10 hour battery life is still present. The iPad 4 will start a $499 for the base model. As soon as they showed the iPad 4 on the screen they rotated the iPad and that revealed the iPad Mini in its full glory. As all the rumors speculated the iPad Mini has a 7.9" screen with a 1024 X 768 resolution which makes it a pimped up version of the iPad 2. The iPad Mini is just 7.2mm thick and is lighter than most 7" tablets. As speculated it comes in black an white. Then after that they did something out of the ordinary by comparing the iPad Mini with the Nexus 7. The iPad Mini will start at $329 for the 16GB base model. It will be up for pre order this friday and will ship to 34 countries next week. Finally Tim Cook ended the event by saying that Apple really showed the world something new in the year 2012. 

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