Thursday, September 6, 2012

20 Million Units Of The Galaxy S III Has Been Sold Ever Since It Was Introduced 100 Days Ago

The Samsung Galaxy S III is by far one of the most successful android devices ever and last quarter it beat the iPhone sales which is quite a big title. A few weeks back a Samsung exec said that the Galaxy S III has reached 10 million sales. And today they announced that the Galaxy S III has sold over 20 million devices in the past 100 days of its existence. The Galaxy S III is 3 times faster than the SII and 6 times faster than the original galaxy S to achieve 20 million sales. Samsung broke the 20 million sales down into the respective regions. 6 million devices was sold in europe, 4.5 million in asia, 4 million in north america and 2.5 million in their home country korea. They also added that 200,000 units are being sold every single day. 
Source: Phonearena 

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