Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apple Is Ranked Number 1 In A Customer Smartphone Satisfaction Survey

Apple products have always been good in terms of build quality and overall customer satisfaction. J.D. Power and Associates has revealed their annual report on customer satisfaction for their smartphones. In no surprise Apple is placed first in the list and it is 59 points higher than its closest competitor which is HTC. Both HTC and Apple are above average and just below average is Samsung. Samsung gained 48 points since last year and that is a pretty significant gain. Below Samsung is Motorola which dropped to fourth place from second last year. Below Motorola is Nokia and their scores are higher than last year which shows there is interest of Lumia devices by consumers. The study also shows that customers were more satisfied with their device it they were using social networking apps and games. The study also shows that 19% of smartphone users buy their phones based on the price. The most significant factor affecting the satisfaction is the performance which accounts for 33%, Physical design is next with 23%, features and ease of operation is tied up with 22%. So the conclusion i can make from this study is specs do matter. 
Source: Phonearena