Friday, September 7, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup [Ep 5] [Final Episode In This Series]

This is the last weekly iPhone 5 rumor roundup because Apple has sent out invitations for a September 12 event, we confirmed this date in the third episode. But we won't just stop in this very last episode we will be doing daily iPhone 5 rumor roundups starting tomorrow until the September 12 event which is just 5 days away. Okay now let's start with this week's biggest new which is Apple finally sent out invitations for a September 12 event at the Yerba Buena Center and the event will start at 10.00 AM. Following that 9To5Mac reported today that Apple has already started prepping the place for the event. On saturday there was a video which shows how the iPhone 5 would look like playing iOS games and apps. Then the next day the new Apple earphones was leaked, these earphones have a very weird design but has some features which are still unknown. At IFA 2012 there was an anonymous booth which showcases iPhone 5 mockups and comparisons between the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 was also up for bidding in china and starting from $5 you can get a iPhone 5 mockup. The iPhone 5 continued being leaked and a chinese teen idol posts images of him using the iPhone 5 on his weibo. The nano SIM card standard on the iPhone 5 has also been confirmed with a European carrier receiving nano SIM cards. Just a few days back the iPhone 5 packaging box was leaked and it showed that Apple will be naming their next gen iPhone the New iPhone rather than the iPhone 5. In the same time some a leaked screenshot of retailer's inventory which show that the ETA of the new iPhone is 21 of September. After that a survey was done by an online tech site shows the statistics of the percentage of users will buy the new iPhone and the percentage of users who don't care. We also posted a concept video of the new iPhone which is pretty cool. Soon after that iResQ leaked a full assembled iPhone 5 and compared it alongside the iPhone 4S. Finally we recently reported that the new iPhone's battery has been leaked and the new battery is now taller, thinner and has a higher voltage. Thank You for tuning in to this 5 episodes of the weekly iPhone 5 rumor roundup, in this whole roundup we managed to report over 48 news reports and leaks of the iPhone 5. Make sure to check out our daily iPhone 5 rumor roundup which starts tomorrow. Here is the previous week's iPhone 5 rumor roundup:
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iPhone 5 Rumors List (Confirmed:11/17):
  1. iOS 6 Confirmed
  2. 4" Display  Confirmed
  3. Bigger Screen Confirmed
  4. NFC
  5. 5th Row Of Apps Confirmed
  6. Smaller Dock Connector  Confirmed
  7. 9 Pin Dock Connector
  8. 8 Pin Dock Connector
  9. 19 Pin Dock Connector 
  10. 4G LTE  Confirmed
  11. 8 MP Camera
  12. Quad Core Processor
  13. Nano SIM Card  Confirmed
  14. September 12 Unveiling  Confirmed
  15. September 21 Launch On AT&T And Verizon  Confirmed
  16. In Cell Touch Panel  Confirmed
  17. Apple A6 Processor  Confirmed
iPhone 5 Rumors/News For This Week (Lower is Older News): 
  1. iPhone 5 Battery
  2. Fully Assembled iPhone 5
  3. iPhone 5 Survey
  4. New iPhone Concept Video
  5. iPhone 5 Launch Date Re-Confirmed 
  6. iPhone 5 Box Leaked 
  7. Apple September 12 Event
  8. iPhone 5 And nano SIM cards
  9. iPhone 5 Leaked By Teen Idol
  10. iPhone 5 Mockup In China 
  11. iPhone 5 Mockup At IFA 2012 
  12. New Apple Earphones
  13. How Apps Look Like On A 4" iPhone 
  14. iPhone 5 Image Leaks 
  15. Apple A6 Chip Spotted On iPhone 5 Motherboard 
  16. NFC Chip On iPhone 5
  17. iPhone 5 Release Date Re-Confirmed 
  18. iPhone 5 Parody Video
  19. iPhone 5 In Cell Touch Panel
  20. iPhone 5 Dock Connector Cable
  21. iPhone 5 Parts For Rent 
  22. 3D Render Of iPhone 5 
  23. iPhone 5 Launch Date Re-Confirmed 
  24. iPhone 5 Parts Leak
  25. iPhone 5 Parts Fitted To The Frame
  26. iPhone 5 Parody Video 
  27. iPhone 5 Display Assembly 
  28. iPhone 5 Flexible Cable
  29. iPhone 5 Launch Confirmed 
  30. iPhone 5 Thickness
  31. iPhone 5 Motherboard Pictured
  32. iPhone 5 16 Pin Dock Connector 
  33. iPhone 5 Keyboard 
  34. Parts Leak
  35. iPhone 5 Look In The Hand  
  36. 9 pin Dock Connector
  37. 5th Row Of Apps
  38. Nano Sim Implementation
  39. iPhone 5 Panels
  40. Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Leak
  41. iPhone 5 Launch
  42. iPhone 5 Coming With 4G LTE
  43. Production For iPhone 5 Starting In Foxconn 
  44. iPhone 5 Picture Leak
  45. iPhone 5 mold Leak
  46. iPhone 5 Panel leaks
  47. iPhone 5 Body Leak
  48. iPhone 5 To Have 3.95" Screen