Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Google Officially Launches Standalone YouTube App For iOS, Just In Time For iOS 6

Apple is set to officially launch iOS 6 tomorrow alongside the new iPhone. Currently there are 5 iOS 6 betas and in the 4th beta Apple pulled out the Youtube app from it and said that their contract with google has expired and they do not want to renew it. After that google announced that a standalone youtube app mad by google will be available in the app store in the coming weeks. After nearly a month google finally released the youtube app in the app store and is now available to download. Currently this app is only supported on the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the iPad will be supported by this app in the coming weeks. Physically this app looks like the one found in android but there is no option to upload a video yet. There are some share button below each video which can be shared to facebook, twitter, google plus etc and its a nice update from the built in youtube app in iOS which only has twitter and email sharing options. Click here to download the app in the app store. 

Source: Geeky-Gadgets And GSMArena Blog