Monday, September 10, 2012

Impossible Instant Lab, Turns Your iPhone Images Into Real Photos

These days polaroid cameras are getting popular again and for some reason people neglect digital images. Here is a kickstarter project which closes the gap between digital imaging and polaroid cameras. This project is from the guys over at the Impossible Project and they call this product the instant lab. The intant lab is basically a polaroid camera which can turn your pictures on your iPhone into a polaroid image. The Instant Lab uses the light from your iPhone's display to process the image and develop it using chemicals and makes it into a physical copy. This project is pretty unique and to date no one has done it before so if you think this project deserves the green light click here to pledge. Also check out the video below to find out more about this project. Here is what the makers of the instant lab have to say: 
“Just select an image from the Instant Lab app, place the iPhone in the cradle and slide open the shutter on the base. A signal tells you when the exposure is finished. Close the shutter, push the button and the Instant Lab ejects your photo, ready to develop in the palm of your hand. That’s it!”
Source: Geeky-Gadgets