Friday, September 7, 2012

Samsung ClorOLED Display Technology

Smartphones has brought us a long way in to the technological world and the screen is most probably one of the most important thing in a smartphone. Recently Nokia unveiled their Lumia 920 which has by far one of the best displays around, they call it the PureMotionHD+. Samsung in the other hand has one of the best displays out there their displays are based on the AMOLED technology and their latest display which is the Super HD Amoled screen first debuted on the Galaxy Nexus. The problem with the Amoled displays that Samsung made is that they are pentile which means the pixels are sharing pixels and this results a more lasting display but does not have true colors. The Galaxy Note II in the other hand is Samsung's first AMOLED screen to use the normal RGB matrix. Now we have some info on Samsung's future display tech which is called the ClorOLED and will start mass production in the second half of 2013. This display tech is going to be introduced in the Galaxy Note III and it is said to have a PPI of 358 on a 5.8" screen and uses the RGB matrix. The resolution of this display is going to be set at 1024 X 980 and if you do the math that is only 244 PPI which does not add up to the PPI suggested. The ClorOLED display will have more than 16 subpixels. So are you excited about this new display technology by Samsung ? tell us below in the comments. 

Source: Phonearena 
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