Saturday, September 8, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup [Day 1]

In this series we will be talking about the iPhone 5 rumors and we will do one roundup each day until the September 12 event. We will also be covering some news about the Apple September 12 event here, for live breaking news head over to our twitter page or facebook page. Just before we end every rumor roundup we will have a iPhone 5 rumor list and a list of iPhone 5 news. In each of this rumor roundups we will have a iPhone 5 photo of the day which is situated at the end of each post. So lets start with the news and some rumors. In the headline today Apple is preparing the Yerba Buena Center for their September 12 event, maybe we will see some banners there in the coming days. 9To5Mac reported that Apple has chose the N42 design over the N41 design, the difference between the N41 and N42 is that the N41 design has an NFC chip. Also Apple is expected to phase out the iPhone 3GS when the iPhone 5 launches and a 8GB version of the iPhone 4S will be released to replace the 8GB iPhone 3GS. In another report the new iPhone is expected to have global LTE support but not all carriers will support it so the LTE band in the new iPhone should have a variety of frequencies. Apple is also said to have lower the amount of DRAM orders from Samsung which is one of Apple's plans to phase out Samsung parts in their products. Apple is also expected to get the DRAM and NAND chips from Toshiba, Elpida, and SK Hynix. We end today's rumor roundup with a video which shows a mockup of the iPhone 5.
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iPhone 5 Rumors List (Confirmed:11/17):
  1. iOS 6 Confirmed
  2. 4" Display  Confirmed
  3. Bigger Screen Confirmed
  4. NFC
  5. 5th Row Of Apps Confirmed
  6. Smaller Dock Connector  Confirmed
  7. 9 Pin Dock Connector
  8. 8 Pin Dock Connector
  9. 19 Pin Dock Connector 
  10. 4G LTE  Confirmed
  11. 8 MP Camera
  12. Quad Core Processor
  13. Nano SIM Card  Confirmed
  14. September 12 Unveiling  Confirmed
  15. September 21 Launch On AT&T And Verizon  Confirmed
  16. In Cell Touch Panel  Confirmed
  17. Apple A6 Processor  Confirmed
iPhone 5 Rumors/News For This Week (Lower is Older News): 
iPhone 5 Photo Of The Day 
Apple Starting To Decorate The Yerba Buena Center For Their September 12 Event