Saturday, September 8, 2012

Apple's New Mini Dock Connector Compared With A Micro USB Cable

One of the major changes that future Apple products will inherit is the smaller dock connector. The new mini dock connector will replace the 30 pin dock connector which was first introduced on the original iPhone. We have seen the new dock connector many times and we know that it is more than half the size of a USB connector. Here is some images showing the new dock connector being compared with a Micro USB connector and it shows that Apple's new mini dock connector is as big as a Micro USB port. However we still do not know wheter the new dock connector needs to be plugged at a certain side but it will most probably be able to be plugged in both ways because the two sides are identical. But the biggest question right now is how many pins will this dock connector have 8 pins or 16 pins ?
Source: Phonearena