Sunday, September 9, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup [Day 2]

Today is Sunday but we still managed to get some iPhone news. The headline today is a leak of the mini dock connector which Apple is going to introduce in the iPhone 5. In the leak images the mini dock connector was compared with a Micro USB connector and it shows that Apple's new mini dock connector is going to be really small. But the question now is that how many pins will it have 8 pins or 16 pins. Today there is also a report which says that Apple will not only introduce the iPhone and iOS 6 but they will also be unveiling the new iPods and iMacs. Personally i think that Apple might unveil new iPod's because if they unveil a 4" iPhone it is so obvious that a 4" iPod will follow. I think the new iMac will not be unveiled on that day, i expect it to be unveiled next month at a separate event alongside with the rumored 13" MacBook Pro with retina display. Finally, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 To other major cities on September 21 alongside the iPhone 5 launch in the US. But this will cause some supply issues as in the past Apple only launched the iPhone in several countries at first and within one month only it will reach other places.

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iPhone 5 Rumors List (Confirmed:11/17):
  1. iOS 6 Confirmed
  2. 4" Display  Confirmed
  3. Bigger Screen Confirmed
  4. NFC
  5. 5th Row Of Apps Confirmed
  6. Smaller Dock Connector  Confirmed
  7. 9 Pin Dock Connector
  8. 8 Pin Dock Connector
  9. 19 Pin Dock Connector 
  10. 4G LTE  Confirmed
  11. 8 MP Camera
  12. Quad Core Processor
  13. Nano SIM Card  Confirmed
  14. September 12 Unveiling  Confirmed
  15. September 21 Launch On AT&T And Verizon  Confirmed
  16. In Cell Touch Panel  Confirmed
  17. Apple A6 Processor  Confirmed
iPhone 5 Rumors/News For This Week (Lower is Older News): 
iPhone 5 Photo Of The Day 
Leaked Image Of Apple's New Dock Connector Compared With A Micro USB Connector