Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup [Day 4]

Today is the last day of waiting for the iPhone 5 as Apple's September 12 event will be held tomorrow at the Yerba Buena Center. The event will start at 10.00am PST and 1AM ET, we will be covering the event live via our facebook page or twitter page. Tomorrow we will be doing the final rumor roundup earlier and 2-3 hours before the event starts we will be doing report on what we expect to see in Apple's September 12 event. Ok today's headline is that the official youtube app for iOS is now available in the app store just in time for tomorrow's iOS 6 launch. Today a luxury phone maker makes a $3000 bumper case for the iPhone 5 and is made out of titanium with the exception of the branding which is an 18K gold strip. This will be a limited product and they are only making 999 of these. Earlier today Everything Everywhere which is a joint venture between orange and T-Mobile UK launched their 4G network and announced a few LTE devices. On that statement there is a rumor that the iPhone 5 in the UK will feature 4G LTE. With that statement in mind Samsung is rumored to sue Apple with their release over the 4G iPhone, apple is also said to have geared up with some 4G wireless patents at hand. Today iMore also leaked some images of an iPhone dummy which is pretty high res and has very clear details, check out the images below. There is also leaks of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 case, the images are below. Finally J.P Morgan reports that the sales of the New iPhone could boost the Gross National Profit of the US in Q4 by 5%. For an extra here is a iPhone 5 parody where steve jobs comes back from heaven for the iPhone 5 rap unveiling, yes rap iPhone 5 unveiling. This video parody is one of the most funniest videos ever. 

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iPhone 5 Rumors List (Confirmed:12/18):
  1. iOS 6 Confirmed
  2. 4" Display  Confirmed
  3. Bigger Screen Confirmed
  4. NFC
  5. 5th Row Of Apps Confirmed
  6. Smaller Dock Connector  Confirmed
  7. 9 Pin Dock Connector
  8. 8 Pin Dock Connector
  9. 19 Pin Dock Connector 
  10. 4G LTE  Confirmed
  11. 8 MP Camera
  12. Quad Core Processor
  13. Nano SIM Card  Confirmed
  14. September 12 Unveiling  Confirmed
  15. September 21 Launch On AT&T And Verizon  Confirmed
  16. In Cell Touch Panel  Confirmed
  17. Apple A6 Processor  Confirmed
  18. International 4G Support Confirmed
iPhone 5 Rumors/News For This Week (Lower is Older News): 
iPhone 5 Photo Of The Day
The $3000 bumper case for the iPhone 5 which is made entirely out of Titanium and a little gold accent in the branding