Friday, October 12, 2012

Asus PadFone 2 Leaked Ahead Of October 16 Launch

Asus is set to unveil their PadFone 2 on October 16 in Taipei and Milan simultaneously. If you don't know what the PadFone is it is actually a normal phone which can be docked in a custom tablet and you can have the best of both worlds. Bloomberg was lucky enough to get to see the PadFone 2 when Asus's CEO, Jerry Shen showed them. You can see the CEO talking about the device from the video below starting from 1:40. It is revealed that the PadFone 2 will have a 4.7" display with a 1280 X 720 resolution and that translates into a 312 PPI. The CEO also showed some images from the 13MP camera and according to the reporter the picture look just stunningly amazing. The PadFone 2 hasn't quite changed much but it is now significantly bigger but the biggest change is to the PadFone station which is now thinner and lighter. Now the PadFone will slide right into the PadFone station opposed to the hinged door on the original one. The new back of the new PadFone 2 station looks to be having a soft touch finish to it. 
Source: TheVerge 
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