Friday, October 5, 2012

Comscore Q3 Numbers Are In, Samsung And Android Still Leading

It is the time of the year where the Q3 Comscore numbers are in and to no surprise Samsung and Android are still leading the market. In this quarter Windows Phone did not perform that good and that is affected by the anticipation of Windows Phone 8 device which are only coming in November. RIM's market share in the US market is going down and the points they lost are taken away by android and iOS. Speaking of android they are now at an all time high of 52.6%. Apple also gained some traction by increasing their market share to 34.3%. Sitting in the mere third is RIM's blackberry which has now 8.3% of the market compared to 11.4% last quarter. Windows Phone has dropped 0.4% of its market share and anticipation for WP8 is to blame. In the manufacturer standpoint, Samsung is still leading the way with 25.7% market share. LG is in the second and is in danger of being dethroned to third as Apple is just right behind of them. LG lost 0.9% of their market share and that sums up to 18.2% of market share in Q3. Apple is the major gainer as always gaining 2.1% bringing them up to 18.2% of the market. Motorola and HTC are third and fourth respectively and having 11.2% and 6.3% market share in Q3. So we still have one more quarter left in 2012 and Windows Phone and iOS's market share is expected to increase dramatically because Q4 is the first full quarter the iPhone 5 is out and a bevy of WP8 devices are launching in Q4.
Source: Phonearena