Sunday, October 14, 2012

Google Play Store Updated To Version 3.9.16, Adds Some New Features

A Google Play Store update is being released to android users as we are speaking. This update brings a few new features as well as some updated features. In version 3.9.16 you can finally delete multiple apps in the Play Store all you have to do is go the the app apps list and long press and app and select the apps you want to delete and click the check. Another new feature is now Google has added an anchor on the app list so now when you are scrolling down an find and app to see the info when you go back it will be at the same position as before. The Notification icon has also changed a bit and now you can expand the notification. Here is the APK file for the new Play Store if you have not received the update yet (Links provided by Android Police):
  1. Android Police mirror #1
  2. Android Police mirror #2
  3. Android Police mirror #3
  4. Android Police multi-mirror
Source: AndroidPolice 
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