Saturday, October 6, 2012

Samsung Device With 3GB Of RAM Leaked, Overkill Much ?

Samsung has always been putting some very powerful hardware in their phones and sometimes even a bit overkill. This video below shows 2 devices which have stickers above stating 3GB RAM. These devices are prototype devices and SamMobile's source confirmed that these are indeed phones with 3GB of RAM. The source also said that Samsung is finally getting ready to be all buttonless and following the stock android experience which has no physical home button. These devices are still prototypes and will be possible 2013 Galaxy models. My guess is that Samsung will introduce 3GB of RAM either on the Galaxy Nexus II of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Currently the standard of high end android phones is 2GB of RAM and that 2GB is pretty much enough

Source: Pocketnow And SamMobile
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