Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Samsung GT-I9505, GT-I9600 & GT-Q1000, What Are All These ?

The question today is what are all of these model numbers represent, we will start off first with the GT-I9505 which is widely expected to be the model number of the LTE enabled Galaxy S IV. Additionally the Galaxy S IV is also believed to have a model number of GT-I9500 which means the koreans will be jumping for 3 to 5. Then there is a GT-Q1000 which is still a mystery to all but it is most probably part of Samsung's new category of products. Finally there is the GT-I9600 which appeared in the nenamrk 2 benchmark and the specs for it is adequate. Looking at the specs and results we can't point out an outcome of what device it is so till we have more new this is still a mystery.

Source: Phonearena (1), (2) 
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