Sunday, August 26, 2012

5th Gen iPod Touch And iPad Mini Case Leak

The iPod touch is bound to be refreshed this year and it is expected to happen in Q4. In previous rumors or leaks of the 5th gen iPod touch the design seemed to not have change but the screen size has increased to 4 inches. Now we have a leaked case of the iPod touch and the case has a bigger space for the camera and a mysterious hole on the bottom right. The bigger camera hole indicates that the iPod touch might have a flash for low lighting pictures. Still we are not confirmed wheter this case is legit or not, so no promises. 
The iPad Mini also got a case leak from the same site which is GizChina. Most of the current rumors have said that Apple is separating the iPad Mini release with the iPhone 5 release and will be unveiled in a separate event or maybe next year alongside with the iPad 4. Many sources say that the iPad Mini will look like a bigger iPod touch and some leaks show that. This case shows a rather big hole for the camera and a smaller hole in the middle which indicates a rear mic for video recording.

Source: MacRumors and 9To5Mac 
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