Thursday, August 16, 2012

GTX 660 Ti Overview

The GTX 660 Ti launched today and with this launch it is the card to buy because it captures the best price to performance ratio if measured against other cards. This card is competing against the HD 7950 and HD 7870 from AMD and through the many benchmark it proves that it knocks both of the cards in terms of performance, price and power consumption. This being a Kepler card it is a very power efficient card with a TDP of 150w. The reference model of this card is priced at $299. This GTX 660 Ti brings 3 Way SLI support to the table and this is one of the features the GTX 560 Ti was missing. Unlike previous generations of Geforce cards the GTX 660 Ti is the first ever card to feature the same GPU as the high end models. The GTX 660 Ti also supports all the exclusive features introduced in the GTX 680 which include 3D Vision, 3D Vision Surround, CUDA, DirectX 11, PhysX, SLI, TXAA, Adaptive VSync, GPU Boost, FXAA. The specs of this card is as follow: 
At launch there are many card released from manufactures wheter it is a reference design to having an aftermarket cooler. The MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition OC is the only card at launch which supports overvolting the card. Overvolting then translates to better overclocking results, so if you are looking to get a card which can overclock like no other the MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition OC is the card of choice. Overall the GTX 660 Ti is making a lot of ground and proves that it is more advanced that what AMD can offer. Maybe AMD can come back in their 8000 series of cards which are slated to be unveiled in Q4 alongsinde their Piledriver processor. 
Source: Wccftech 
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