Friday, August 24, 2012

Samsung Designers Talk About How The Design Of The Galaxy S III Came

The Samsung Galaxy S III is currently the most popular phone around and is one of the most successful android device. When it was first announced in may we were pretty skeptical where Samsung got the design from. The theme/slogan for the Galaxy S III is inspired by nature designed for humans. Some people say that the design is nice and some say the design is awful. Now Samsung has released a video which their designers are talking about where they got the inspiration for the design of the S III. Apparently the design of the S III is based on a felling of waling in the forest. The designers wanted users to feel the forest with natural sounds in the OS. Initially they wanted to represent a wild boar attack when users try to change the launcher but it didn't make it to the final build. The color of the phone comes from the designers observation of the pebbles lying on the creek with water flowing over them. The overflowing of the city pool, light reflection off of the multiple layer coatings as well as the impression or pouring different liquids have all come into play to create the design of the S III. Overall i think that the design of the S III looks adequate and stands out from the normal looks of other android devices. 
Source: Phonearena