Thursday, August 30, 2012

MSI And Asus GTX 660 Leaked

 Nvidia is ready to launch the remaining of the 600 series GPU's which are the entry level gaming cards. The GTX 660 is one of it and unlike its bigger brother the GTX 660 Ti it does not feature the GK104 core but sports the GK 106 chip. The GTX 660 will also be the only card which will be using the GK 106 core. Now we have leaks from two different manufacturers and the cards leaked are based on a non reference design. The MSI GTX 660 Power Edition has 960 CUDA cores and is clocked at 980MHz with a boost clock of 1033MHz. It will also feature 2GB of RAM which is 192 bit wide, the memory is clocked at 6.08GHz. This card will support up to 3 way SLI and features the Twin Frozr IV Cooler as well as Military Class III Components. The TDP of this card is 170w and takes power from dual 6 pin power connectors. 
The second card which was leaked is the Asus GTX 660 Direct CU II. The clock speeds of this card is still not yet confirmed but it will most probably be clocked pretty similar to the MSI GTX 660 Power Edition. This card requires dual 86 pin power connectors. Both of these cards is slated to be launching in the second week of September with an MSRP of $229-$249.
Source: Wccftech