Friday, August 31, 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup [Ep 4]

This week we started off with Apple winning Samsung in the trial between each other which lasted for 2 weeks. This week there is not much new on the iPhone 5 as most of the attention was on the Galaxy Note II and IFA 2012. Also when the Galaxy Note II launched Apple's stock price dropped, personally i think that the Galaxy Note II is going to be competing with the iPhone 5 when both devices are in the market. Earlier this week there is a parody video about the iPhone 5, click the link in the news section below to watch the video. Then a few day after that the iPhone 5 release date has been re confirmed with AT&T blacking out vacation days for its employees on the rumored iPhone 5 release date which is on September 21. Then in the following day the iPhone 5 display assembly was leaked and an NFC chip was spotted, after that news started spreading around some reports replied by saying that the iPhone 5 might not have NFC because there is no space for it if according to the leaked parts. Then yesterday some more iPhone 5 images leaked and this time among the many images there was one which it the motherboard and on it is the A6 chip. To date we are still not sure about the specs of the A6 chip wheter it is a quad core or a dual core is yet to be known. Then today there were leaks of the iPhone 5 which in the pictures the iPhone 5 was physically compared against the iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS. One of the comparisons include a thickness comparison between the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS. That picture showed that the iPhone 5 is visibly thinner than previous generations. The iPhone 5 is expected to be around 7.6mm this according to a few sources which measured the leaked iPhone 5 body, for some visual comparison of thickness the Galaxy S III is 8.6mm. The Galaxy S III is in the category of thin device, so if the iPhone 5 is measuring at 7.6mm in terms of thickness then it might catch the eyes of some consumers. Click the links below to see previous week's rumor roundup: 
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iPhone 5 Rumors List (Confirmed:9/17):
  1. iOS 6 Confirmed
  2. 4" Display  Confirmed
  3. Bigger Screen Confirmed
  4. NFC
  5. 5th Row Of Apps
  6. Smaller Dock Connector  Confirmed
  7. 9 Pin Dock Connector
  8. 8 Pin Dock Connector
  9. 19 Pin Dock Connector 
  10. 4G LTE  Confirmed
  11. 8 MP Camera
  12. Quad Core Processor
  13. Nano SIM Card  Confirmed
  14. September 12 Unveiling  Confirmed
  15. September 21 Launch On AT&T  Confirmed
  16. In Cell Touch Panel  Confirmed
  17. Apple A6 Processor 
iPhone 5 Rumors/News For This Week (Lower is Older News): 
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