Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Oppo Find5 X909 Is Claimed To Be The World's Thinnest Quad Core Android Smartphone In History

Currently the world's thinnest smartphone is the 6.65mm Oppo Finder which is a dual core phone. But now Oppo is stepping up the game by giving us a glimpse of the world's thinnest quad core smartphone. The Oppo Find5 X909 is only 6.9mm thick and they managed to put a quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro (same as the one on the Xiami Phone 2). This phone will have a 4.5" screen with a resolution of 1280 X 720 and has a 12 MP camera. The front facing camera is a 2MP shooter. With all of this hardware they paired the phone with a 2500mAh battery. The phone will come either in 16GB or 32GB and has 2GB of RAM. The final model will most probably come with Android 4.1 Jellybean preinstalled. This all sounds too good to be true, again this is still a rumor and might not be that true after all. Even though this phone does come with this specs it will most probably launch in the asian market only and not other places like the US. 

Source: Phonearena