Friday, August 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Parody Video

The iPhone 5 is the most wanted tech gadget of all time and many people are awaiting the launch of it. A few weeks back we showed you a parody video of the iPhone 5 by Team Coco now Smosh has made a parody video about the iPhone 5 which is pretty funny. In the video they showed the iPhone 5 which the design is similar to the rumors. Then he said that the iPhone 5 is even better than the iPhone 4S. They said that the autocorrect feature has been vastly improved in the iPhone 5 and now Siri will ask if you are sure you meant to type each word. Then next they talked about the small dock connector and they replaced it with a very tiny hole (micro SIM card slot). Then they showed the vibration intensity of the iPhone 5 which has a magnitude of 1.5 in the Richter Scale. The iPhone 5 also features not only dual LED flash but now the flash is all on the back of the phone. If you took a video on the iPhone 5 vertically the phone will now burst into flames. Siri will now remind you by overhearing your conversations and will remind you in a correct time. Siri will now tell you racist jokes. Now you can change siri's voice to Morgan Freeman's voice. The iPhone 5 will be priced at $100 for the 1GB edition and $800 for the 8GB model

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