Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dell Announcements At IFA 2012

Windows 8 is slated to be released on the 26th of October and the RTM version has already reached the hands of manufacturers. This mean that manufacturers can start working on their devices. At IFA this year we will be hearing a lot about Windows 8 and the many products. Dell came to IFA this year with the mindset of announcing new Windows 8 devices. At there they announced a few windows 8 based XPS devices which are also touchscreen devices. They first announced the XPS 12 Duo which is based on the original XPS ultrabook, this ultrabook has a swiveling screen which can be converted into a laptop or tablet. The body and shell of this device is mad out of aluminum and carbon fiber. Dell said that this tablet/ultrabook convertible will be available in the end of October which is after the launch of Windows 8. 
Dell also announced a standalone tablet which comes with a keyboard dock. This is a 10" tablet running Windows 8 RT which means it will have an ARM processor over an intel processor. This tablet has a combined battery life of 20 hours in a single charge so it is quite suitable for road warriors. Like the XPS 12 Duo the XPS 10 will also be available after the launch of Windows 8 in October. 
Finally they also announced the XPS One 27 which is a 27" AiO which has a touchscreen. The viewing angles of this AiO is quite good and is pretty much the same as the normal 27" AiO from dell. The nwe revamped version of this AiO will have the same specs as the original one. Like most of the products they announced this product is no exception and will be available after Window 8 launches in October 26.

Source: Theverge