Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nokia Teases Lumia Pureview Device, Set To Be Unveiled on September 5

The Nokia 808 Pureview is the most advanced camera ever built into a smartphone but it is not having one of the best mobile OS paired up with it. A Lumia Pureview is set to be released some time this year and now Nokia has released a teaser video on their youtube page. The title is "things are about to change" although at first the 21 second video does not make any sense at all but they are most probably indicating a lumia pureview device. In the last few seconds of the video they say things are about to change on 05.09.12. This is the day of Microsoft and Nokia's joint event in NYC and also the starting of Nokia World. Currently the only thing which might change the face of Nokia is a Windows Phone 8 device. September 5 is just one week away so stay tuned and get ready to see Nokia's first batch of Windows Phone 8 devices next wednesday 
Source: Nokia (Youtube)