Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HTC Tablet Leaks, Shows A Very Unique Design

In the past HTC has not been that good in the tablet market and ever since they released the HTC Flyer they stopped making tablets and focused on smartphones. Now there is a leak which shows a HTC tablet which might make an appearance at IFA tomorrow. This is a 10" tablet which has a very weird design and a one which has never been seen on any tablet. The left, right and up of the tablet has a slim bezel whereas the bottom has a very long bezel and also a front facing camera. On the back of the device there is the HTC logo which is situated in the middle and on the bottom of the device there lies the rear facing camera. This tablet is still anonymous and will catch attention of some people at IFA 2012 tomorrow. To me this tablet looks like the display of the iMac with the apple logo replaced which a HTC logo in the back. Stay tuned tonight as we will be doing live updates on the Galaxy Note II launch 
Source: Phonearena