Thursday, August 30, 2012

Asus Will Be Releasing Mobile Phones In Q2 2013

Asus is one of the manufacturers which was pretty successful in making android tablets. Most people buy Asus android devices because of their update cycles which comes very soon after a new android is out. Their skin over android is also pretty light and not so much heavy customisation in it. Currently their android tablets are selling pretty well. In the world of android there are two main categories phones and tablets and Asus is topping the list in the tablet category but when it comes to phones they have not been doing quite well. in the past they only released a few phones and their latest phone is the PadFone which is capable of transforming in to a tablet. Asus has said that they are planning to get back in the mobile phone market by releasing phones in Q2 2013. They are expected to make android and windows phone 8 devices in the near future so stay tuned. Asus is also working on the second gen PadFone which is slated to be unveiled in Q4 2013. 

Source: Phonearena