Monday, August 20, 2012

ECS X79R-AX Stealth Concept Motherboard

These days most all motherboards are almost same and the only way manufacturers can differentiate themselves is to add some exclusive features of some extras. ECS is trying to make a high end X79 motherboard which takes some design aspects from the Asus Sabertooth linup of motherboards. Asus's X79 Sabertooth motherboard does not have the thermal armor which is only found in the P67 and Z77 sabertooth boards. ECS in the other hand is doing something more different than Asus which only covers the important parts of the boards, they are covering the whole board except for the ones for expansion slots and connection areas. This board's design looks to be taken from the earliest 5th gen stealth fighter aircraft such as the F-117 Nighthawk. This being a high end board, ECS geared this board with 4 PCI-E X16 slots for quad SLI or Crossfire. According to ECS this board will launch very soon. 

Source: Techpowerup and Wccftech 
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