Friday, August 31, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, Samsung Galaxy S II Plus And Samsung Galaxy S Premier Detailed

The Samsung Galaxy S III is currently the flagship android device and has a massive 4.8" display. Most of the smartphones now are having a 4" plus screen but not all people like massive screens. A new report by SamMobile said that Samsung is working on a smaller version of the Galaxy S III and it will be called the Galaxy S III Mini. The screen on this device has been made smaller to 4 inches and the camera has also been downgraded to a 5MP camera. The processor will be swapped with a dual core processor. There is a pretty logical explanation why Samsung is doing this, it is because Samsung wants this phone to compete with the iPhone 5. Although the device will not have such a premium feel compared to the iPhone 5, the price  will catch the eyes of users. The Galaxy S III Mini is expected to be priced at 250 Euros ($314.50 USD) and is 400 Euros ($503.20 USD) cheaper than the iPhone 5 which is priced at 650 Euros ($817.70 USD). The iPhone 5 is also expected to have a 4" screen. 
Other than that Samsung is also expected to release a subsidized Samsung Galaxy S II called the Samsung Galaxy S Plus. The device will have a 4.3" screen, a single core CPU, an 8MP camera and will come with ICS. Lastly another source said that a new Samsung phone called the Samsung Galaxy S Premier (GT-i9260). This phone will be similar in terms of specs if compared to the Galaxy S II Plus, but this device will feature a 4.65" Super HD Amoled screen and is allegedly running Android 4.1 Jellybean out of the box

Source: Phonearena
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