Monday, August 20, 2012

Apple Take The Title Of The World's Most Valuable Company In History

Earlier today we reported that Apple's market cap has broke the $600 Billion mark and now their market cap is at $623 Billion. Their shares now stand at $665.15 and that is a 64% increase for this year alone. Their market value surpassed the previous record of $620.6 Billion which was set by Microsoft in 1999. This increase of market share started to go up when the iPod launched and continued increasing rapidly after the iPhone was launched. But still Microsoft holds the record of over $850 Billion market cap set on 1999, but when we convert it to 2012 values Apple still stands a chance to break it. These few years Exxonmobil was the most valuable company in the world with its gas business. And now Apple is worth 53% than Exxonmobil. With this rate Apple is ready to be the world's first Trillion Dollar company.

Source: Phonearena 
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