Friday, August 24, 2012

Windows Phone Will Be 2012's Fastest Growing OS Based On Digitimes's Research

In the world of mobile operating systems Android dominates and iOS is slowly trailing behind. A third mobile OS is needed and currently WP is the best contender for third place. Windows Phone has a new and cleaner UI which is totally different from what is currently available in the market. This year Microsoft is going to unveil the final build of Windows Phone 8 in time for the holiday season and currently the sale of Windows Phone 7 devices are slowing down in anticipation for Windows Phone 8 handsets. Now Digitimes have posted some predictions about the mobile OS growth for the rest of 2012. According to their prediction Android is going to continue their dominance with a growth of 70% and will be shipping 423 million handsets this year. iOS will be trailing behind with only 34.9% growth with a total of 125 million handsets shipped. Windows Phone will be growing 107.8% YoY with a total of 21 million handsets shipped. They also said that Nokia's cooperation with Windows Phone will help Microsoft's mobile OS grow. In the 1st half of 2012 Windows Phone has managed to ship 8.7 million units which leaves 12.3 million units left to ship, these 12.3 million units are going to be mostly Windows Phone 8 devices. Blackberry and Symbian shipments will continue to decline this year with 40% and 65% decline respectively. If this data is correct, Windows Phone will be 2012's fastest growing mobile OS. 

Source: WMPoweruser 
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