Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sony Pre-IFA 2012 Event Recap

Today is the day when the pre IFA events begin and we start off with Sony and their event only lasted for less than one hour but in that time they announced new xperia devices, new cameras, a 4K tv and many more tech stuff in between. They started with talking about the theme of their new devices which are simpler, easier and more entertaining in terms of user experience. These new devices will also be represented in three largest areas in tech which are games, mobile and digital imaging. They talked about the wonderbook and this product was showcased at E3 and it will be available on the PS3 by Q4 this year. 
Then they introduced the Xperia Tablet S which looks just like the one leaked a few days back. This tablet brings a new phase of their tablets, it is splash proof while you are doing your cooking. There are also covers , stands and speaker docks. This tablet also looks like the Microsoft Surface tablet when it is in the keyboard dock. 
Then after that they unveiled their new Xperia phones which are the Xperia T, Xperia V and Xperia J. The flagship model is the Xperia T and has a 4.6" screen with HD resolution and a 13MP camera. But it is still using a dual core 1.5GHz snapdragon processor. This flagship phone is also NFC ready and works with NFC compatible speakers and also headphones. New customers will get a 60 day trial of Sony's new service called music unlimited and will be available for 4.99 euros per month. The Xperia V and T was not mentioned that much. Then they showed a James Bond trailer which shows James Bond holding the Xperia T in his next movie. The also have new Sony applications for their Xperia devices. 
After that they unveiled the Vaio Duo 11 which has a keyboard under the touchscreen which slides out. This is something like the Asus EeePad Slider. 
The next is the Vaio Tap 201 which is a tabletop tablet which is able to stand up or lay down with the hinge behind. 
Then next they switched topics to cameras and new technologies. Now owning an xperia phone and a sony camera you can use your xperia phone as the viewfinder, they showed this on the NEX-5R. The NEX-5R is also the first camera compatible with the PlayMemories camera apps. This will give your camera newer features even after you purchase it. 
They also now have new wearable cameras for extreme situations and has built in wifi in the camera itself. 
Then they are now changing to audio and starting off with the new MDR-1 headphones which is in collaboration with sony music artists and engineers. After that they started talking about 4K hardwares. Then they unveiled their 84" 4K Bravia LCD TV which was just spectacular. The TV has two long vertical speakers on the side of it and has some adequate spacing between the display and the speakers. They added that you will never see a pixel regardless of what dimension are you watching 2D or 3D. And that is about it. Stay tuned as we will be updating live via twitter or facebook. 

Source: TheVerge