Friday, August 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S Camera Is A Galaxy S III With A 16MP Camera With Xenon Flash

A tipster sent GSMArena, in the tip he said that Samsung is working on a point and shoot camera which is based on the Galaxy S III phone. The camera will be called the Samsung Galaxy S camera and will feature the same 4.8" Super Amoled screen and will be running ice cream sandwich like a normal Galaxy S III would. The internal specs is still unknown. The tipster said that he had seen the cameraphone with his own eyes. This camera is basically a Galaxy S III stuck behind of a camera. The device will have no physical buttons and it about 2 times thicker than a normal Galaxy S III. The camera is rumored to have a 10X zoom, a 16MP sensor with a pop out Xenon flash. The Galaxy S Camera will be available in 2 configuration, one with WiFi and the other with WiFi and 3G but the 3G can only be used as mobile date with no voice functionalities. This camera is allegedly going to be announced at IFA next week alongside the Galaxy Note II. 

Source: GSMArena Blog
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