Thursday, September 6, 2012

Microsoft Launches The "Bing It On" Challenge To Prove Bing is Better Than Google

Microsoft is yet again launching an event which proves that the solution which Microsoft provides is much better than the competition. The last campaign they did was the smoked by a windows phone challenge which is still currently on. This time around they are challenging Google to a bing off, this campaign is prove that their search engine bing shows better results than google. This is a blind test challenge which you just need to search on the box provided and 2 results will be shown and you need to choose which one you prefer. Microsoft's Mike Nichols said that it is time to break the google habit and said that you deserve more from your search engine. This campaign will also be on the MTV Video Music Awards so many people will be seeing this. You can take the challenge here, and trust me you can't quite differentiate the search results without cheating. 

Source: TheVerge 
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