Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Camera Test Against The Galaxy S III And The iPhone 4S

When Nokia announced the Lumia 920 yesterday people were amazed by the 8.7MP pureview camera. Shortly after the press conference ended there were some controversies about the images and promo video showcased in the press conference. First is the teaser which they claimed was taken by the Lumia 920 but at last they admitted that it was taken by a professional camera. The second controversy caused by Nokia was the images showcased in the press event seemed to be faked and not taken by the Lumia 920. Apparently a camera expert commented that it was impossible that the Lumia 920 could pull of such an image. There is still no words from nokia regarding this but one thing's sure we can't underestimate the capabilities of the Lumia 920 because reviewers still haven't got their hands on this devices. We will be doing a full report on this controversy when everything is clear. Now here is something which is sure to be real as this is a live demo of the Lumia 920's camera vs the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III. The test was done with a enclosure which has a flower in it and was totally dark, there was only a small hole for the phone to be placed and at there the three devices was tested. The results were that the Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S both took pictures which are not so pleasing. It is noted that the camera in the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S III is excellent by today's standards. Then the Nokia Lumia 920 was put to the test and the pictures taken are stunningly amazing considering that it was not using the flash while taking this image. 

Source: Phonearena 
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