Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Apple Earphones Spotted, Designed By Apple In California, Made In Vietnam

 The iPhone 5 is expected to be officially announced on the 12th of September and it is expected to bring some major changes to the iPhone. One of the accessories which Apple has been pairing with every i device in the past 5 years is the ever so iconic earphones which is white and has some media controls on it. Vietnamese site Tinhte is one of the sites which is known for leaking products right before launch, they also leaked a couple of Samsung Galaxy S III parts just before it launched. Now they have leaked some images of Apple's new earphones which are going to be coming with the iPhone 5. The new earphones has a design which is never yet been seen before, this design can make Apple products stand out as this earphone has a very striking design. The site says that these earphones are made in the vietnamese foxconn plant and it has the Apple style of "Designed in Apple California, Assembled in Vietnam". These earphones are having a unique design and has a unibody design as well as Apple's iconic white color. How ever on this new earphones there is not media controls. Below is a video by Tinhte and some images which they took:

Source: TheVerge And Tinhte
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