Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Android And iOS Continues To Grow In Q2 According To IDC

It is the time of the month where the IDC releases numbers which translates to the performance of each mobile OS. In Q2 this year android smartphone shipments grew a little over 100 million units and android took the biggest chunk of market share which is 68.1%. iOS shipments also gained by 26.5% but their market share dropped. "Android continues to fire on all cylinders," IDC’s senior research analyst Ramon Llamas concluded mentioning both the low-end models on offer and the flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S III. While Android and iOS is growing other mobile OS's shipments are dropping except for windows phone and Linux. Still windows phone shows the most increase of shipments among all. Windows Phone is still at the number 5 position and is closing the gap between symbian and blackberry. Windows Phone is set to be the the number 3 OS either in Q3 or Q4. 

Source: GSMArena and Phonearena 
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