Wednesday, August 1, 2012 Officially Debuts. Replaces Existing

Microsoft launched Hotmail in 1996 and it has been nearly 16 years. Compared to its rival Gmail, Hotmail only has 300 million + users opposed to 400 million + users on Gmail. Hotmail has evolved a lot since it was announced 16 years ago. Today officially debuts and it will replace the existing and users. The new redesigns the whole interface of hotmail and gives it some metro styled interface. To upgrade to users must create a new ID. The new can connect to some services like facebook, youtube, twitter and many more. To switch to skydrive or your calenders simply click the outlook icon on the top left corner and a pop up will appear. The messaging i con is on the top right corner and you could do skype calls with it also. Personally i think that the new hotmail has a more cleaner look to it. For me Hotmail has always been my primary email, gmail was very clean but just does not offer what hotmail can offers. With this new look hotmail has just gone better. 
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