Sunday, August 5, 2012

Angry Birds Space Receiving Red Planet Update This Fall

Angry birds is no doubt one of the most successful game in the mobile platform and is loved by many. Rovio released Angry birds space earlier this year with collaboration with Nasa and the Galaxy Note. Then soon after they released it they announced the angry bird series has achieved its 1 billionth download across all platforms. There are three versions of this game which is the free, premium ($0.99) and HD which is for tablet only ($2.99). Since it was released in March it only received 1 update which fixed some bugs. Now Rovio has announced that they will be updating the game in fall and will come with a new world called red planet. This update is a follow up to Nasa's recent mars rover landing which took place on the 3rd of August. Overall Rovio has been very successful in the angry birds series, they recently released a new series called amazing alex which is a physics based game and it was also very successful. They also said last month they are planning to release a new game which allows players to defend the pigs from the birds which is the total opposite of angry birds. Judging by the description, we are supposedly suppose to help defend the eggs being taken by the birds. The game is slated to be out in the holiday season. Here is a short trailer by Rovio:
Source: Phonearena
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