Monday, August 13, 2012

Apple's Internal Research Shows Why Customers Choose Android Phones Over The iPhone

When the first iPhone was released it was exclusively available on AT&T and other major carriers didn't get that exclusivity. Apple also committed to an exclusive deal with AT&T for five years and in that time frame Apple saw android slowly increasing in market share and finally had a bigger market share than iOS. But being exclusive to AT&T wasn't all that bad, they helped Apple to achieve more profit than any other mobile phone in the market. So Apple did a poll of android users to see why they chose their phone over the iPhone. Here is the poll results:
  • 43% Wanted to stay with current provider
  • 36% Trusted Google brand
  • 30% Preferred larger screen
  • 27% Preferred Android Market
  • 26% Wanted better Google services intergration
  • 25% Wanted latest and greatest smartphone
  • 25% Wanted turn-by-turn GPS
  • 25% Wanted latest and greatest technology
Source: Phonearena 
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