Wednesday, August 8, 2012

IPhone 5 Might Feature A 9-Pin Dock Connector

As the rumored September 12 iPhone 5 launch nears, rumors starting coming at a rapid rate. So here's another rumor which might end up real, one of the main changes that apple is set to make in the next gen iPhone is the implementation of the new dock connector. Earlier this year reports state that apple will replace the 30-pin connector in to a 19-pin connector and recently a rumor states that it will be a 8-pin dock connector. And now it seems like there is evidence that the new connector is not an 8-pin nor a 19-pin but a 9-pin dock connector. The evidence was found in the most recent iOS 6 beta which is beta 4. The clue to it is a code which makes a reference of 9 pin. Although it might seem to be pretty obvious but it might also be a wrong interpretation of the code. So we end up with yet another rumor which seems pretty legit, the only way to really confirm the amount of pins on Apple's new dock connector is when it is Officially announced. One thin to note is that although there are many iPhone body leaks none of them has the dock connector affixed. 
Source: Phonearena 
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